Color Meanings


Cream -        

Quiet, pleasantness, calm, understated elegance, purity, and softness. Richer and warmer than pure white.


Black -         

Represents elegance, power, strength or prestige.


White -          

Represents cleanliness, purity, perfection and space.


Grey -            

Being both motionless and emotionless, gray is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world.


Blue -

Represents loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability and intelligence.


Pink -

Represents caring, compassion and unconditional love.

Magenta -

Represents universal love at its highest level.

Olive Green -

Is the color of balance and harmony and represents peace.

Wine Red -

Represents energy, passion and determination.

Pewter -

Is associated with prestige and wealth.

Navy Blue -

Symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.


Teal -

Signifies trustworthiness and reliability.